Simulated plastic turf, also known as fake turf

Simulated plastic turf, also known as artificial turf, has a wide variety of types and is suitable for sports fields such as football fields, goal courts, tennis courts, kindergarten outdoor fields, etc. Roof terraces, sun terraces, and retaining walls can all be used. Road greening, decoration, leisure and other places can be used. Generally, local sales of artificial lawns are concentrated in flower markets and building materials markets.


Sports lawns are best purchased from professional manufacturers, and the general price varies depending on the quality of the material. But where can sports lawns be sold? How much does it usually cost? We need to start based on the usage requirements of the sports venue and select products according to the usage requirements. The price per square meter of simulated turf is closely related to the quality of the turf. For example, the commonly used construction site fencing and soil covering simulated turf costs 3-17 yuan per square meter, while for football fields, tennis courts, and gate courts, the price of simulated turf is more expensive, usually around 25-50 yuan per square meter.

Post time: Apr-21-2023