What is sand free soccer grass?

Sand free soccer grass is also called sand free grass and non sand filled grass by the outside world or industry. It is a kind of artificial soccer grass without filling quartz sand and rubber particles. It is made of artificial fiber raw materials based on polyethylene and polymer materials. It is suitable for primary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities Clubs, cage football fields, etc.

The sand free soccer grass adopts straight and curved blending technology. The straight wire uses reinforced fiber and adopts high wear-resistant design. The fiber stands upright for a long time, which can greatly prolong the service life of the lawn; The curved wire adopts special curved wire technology, which has higher weight and more perfect fiber curvature, and effectively improves the cushioning performance of the whole system.

Sand free soccer grass has many characteristics, such as safety, environmental protection, trampling resistance, wire drawing resistance, flame retardant, anti-skid, anti-static, not affected by climate and long service life. Compared with sand filled soccer grass, it has obvious advantages such as low cost, short construction and convenient maintenance.

What is the difference between no sand filling and sand filling?

1. Construction: compared with the sand filled lawn, the sand free lawn does not need to be filled with quartz sand and particles. The construction is simple, the cycle is short, the later maintenance is simple, and there is no accumulation and loss of filler.

2. Safety and environmental protection: sand filled rubber particles will be powdered and enter the shoes during sports, which will affect the comfort of sports. Children’s ingestion will also do great harm to their body, and their gravel and particles can not be recycled, which has a great impact on the environment; Non sand filling can effectively alleviate the problem of particle and quartz sand recycling in the later stage of sand filling site, which is in line with the national sustainable development strategy. Through the national environmental protection test, it has excellent rebound performance and safer sports protection.

3. Strong quality controllability, less construction auxiliary materials and easy site quality control.

4. Use cost: the sand filled grass needs to be filled with rubber and particles, which costs a lot, and the later maintenance needs to supplement particles, which also costs a lot. The later maintenance without sand filling only needs routine cleaning, simple pavement, short time, low labor cost and high cost performance.

Compared with sand filled football grass, its performance and indicators are more in line with the sports needs of students, and has obvious advantages such as high environmental protection, low cost, short construction and convenient maintenance.

Sand free soccer grass 2 pays attention to improving the use value and environmental value of the site. It adopts high wear-resistant design and stands upright for a long time, which can greatly prolong the service life of the lawn. In addition, it has higher weight and perfect fiber curvature, effectively improve the cushioning performance of the whole system, and use more environmentally friendly raw materials and processes to ensure the environmental protection performance of the products.

Post time: Mar-03-2022