Maintenance of Artificial Lawn in Construction



1、 After the competition is over, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris such as paper and fruit shells in a timely manner;

2、 Every two weeks or so, it is necessary to use a specialized brush to thoroughly comb the grass seedlings and clean the residual dirt, leaves, and other debris on the artificial lawn;

3、 If the competition is frequent, a specialized rake can be used to level and organize rubber particles and quartz sand after the competition is over;

4、 When it rains, the dust on the surface of the artificial lawn can be directly rinsed off, or the dust on the lawn can be manually rinsed off;

5、 When summer is relatively hot, it is necessary to use water to sprinkle the lawn and ensure that it cools down, ensuring that athletes can feel comfortable and cool;

6、 When water like stains such as milk, blood stains, juice, and ice cream appear on artificial lawns, they can be first wiped with soap, and then rinsed with clean water in areas with soap;

7、 If there is sunscreen, shoe polish, and ballpoint pen oil on artificial lawns, it is necessary to use a sponge dipped in an appropriate amount of perchloroethylene to wipe back and forth;

8、 If the artificial lawn contains nail polish, you can use acetone to clean it;

The above eight points are related matters that need to be cleaned frequently when using artificial lawns in daily life, and are only for your reference.

Post time: Oct-10-2023