Artificial Grass Rooftop FAQs

The perfect place to maximize your outdoor space, including your rooftop deck. Artificial grass roofs are growing in popularity and are a low-maintenance, beautifying way to landscape your space. Let’s take a look at this trend and why you might want to incorporate grass into your rooftop plans.


Artificial Grass Roofs: FAQs
There are some misconceptions about artificial grass on roofs, especially the aesthetics. Synthetic turf is more versatile than any other material. Whatever plans you have for your roof, you can incorporate grass into your plans.

Let’s take a look at some more frequently asked questions about artificial grass roofs and whether synthetic grass is right for your project.

Can You Put Artificial Grass on a Roof?
You can put artificial grass on your roof as an alternative to natural grass, as long as you consider the roof surface area. Deciding which turf option is right for you may depend on what you want to put the grass on and the scope of your project.

Is Artificial Grass Right for a Balcony?
Artificial grass is perfect for balconies because you can mow it to the size you want.

Whether you’re looking for a patch of green space in an irregularly shaped outdoor area or you’re looking for a patch of grass for your pets, artificial grass can fit your needs.


Which artificial turf is best for a rooftop patio?
The best artificial turf for a rooftop patio depends on the type of use you anticipate for the space.
More durable turf is better suited for high traffic areas or areas where you anticipate playing yard games. If it is just for decorative purposes, you may want a more natural-looking artificial turf. A professional turf company will ensure that the turf you choose drains well, which is also a concern some home and business owners have about artificial turf on their roofs.

Benefits of artificial turf roofs
There are many benefits to using artificial turf in these spaces. It is a green roof that does not require a lot of maintenance. You do not need to water the artificial turf or spend precious time weeding it like you would in a traditional yard space.
It is versatile. You can mix it with natural plants to create a unique garden space, create a space for children to play, or use it as a pet run for pets that need more exercise.
It is easy to integrate into existing spaces. You do not need to cover the entire roof space with artificial turf, and it works well on most surfaces.
Artificial turf is practical. You do not need to worry about it getting stepped on if it is used frequently or is subject to weather.
It is affordable. Your costs are low after installation, and you save on watering bills, which would certainly add up if you used real grass on your roof deck.
Turf acts as insulation for your home or business. It helps keep the space underneath warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. This also saves you money.
It’s environmentally friendly. Using artificial turf reduces water usage and increases usable green space for your building.


Post time: Jun-05-2024