2023 Guangzhou Simulation Plant Exhibition

The 2023 Asian Simulated Plant Exhibition (APE 2023) will be held from May 10 to 12, 2023 at the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall in Pazhou, Guangzhou. This exhibition aims to provide an international platform and stage for enterprises to showcase their strength, brand promotion, product display, and business negotiations. It is planned to invite 40000 buyers and exhibitors from 40 countries and regions to provide platform services.


2023 Guangzhou Asia International Simulation Plant Exhibition


Simultaneously held: Asia Landscape Industry Expo/Asia Flower Industry Expo


Time: May 10-12, 2023


Location: China Import and Export Commodity Fair Exhibition Hall (Pazhou, Guangzhou)


Exhibition Scope


1. Simulated flowers: silk flowers, silk flowers, velvet flowers, dried flowers, wooden flowers, paper flowers, flower arrangements, plastic flowers, pulled flowers, hand held flowers, wedding flowers, etc;


2. Simulated plants: simulation tree series, simulation bamboo, simulation grass, simulation lawn series, simulation plant wall series, simulation potted plants, horticultural landscapes, etc;


3. Supporting supplies: manufacturing equipment, production materials, flower arrangement supplies (bottles, cans, glass, ceramics, wooden crafts), etc.




Landscape architecture and Ecological Landscape Association of Guangdong Province


Guangdong Provincial Dealer Chamber of Commerce


Guangdong Hong Kong Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Promotion Association

Undertaking unit:


Supported by:


Australian Horticultural and Landscape Industry Association


German Landscape Industry Association


Japan Flower Export Association


Exhibition Overview


Simulate plants to beautify life with art. It changes home and environment through form, items, and combinations, thereby endowing work and life with beauty.


In recent years, due to changes and improvements in the indoor environment of people’s homes and workplaces, as well as the creation and decoration of outdoor scenic spots, the consumer market for simulated plants has been expanding day by day. As a result, China’s simulated plant manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, with an increasing number of product categories and continuously improving artistic quality. With the continuous expansion of demand in the simulated plant market, people demand that simulated plants be low-carbon and environmentally friendly, while also full of art. This not only puts forward higher demand for the production process of simulated plants, but also puts forward higher demand for the artistic aesthetics of simulated plants. The huge consumer demand and favorable market environment have given rise to the Asian Simulation Plant Exhibition, providing a display and business platform for the market.


Simultaneous activities


Asia Landscape Expo


Asia Flower Industry Expo


International Flower Arrangement Performance


Flower Shop+Forum

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Exhibition advantages


1. Geographical advantages. Guangzhou, as the forefront and window of China’s reform and opening up, is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a domestic economic, financial, cultural, and transportation center city, with a developed manufacturing industry and a wide market coverage.


2. Advantages. Hongwei Group combines 17 years of exhibition experience and resource advantages, maintaining contact with over 1000 traditional and media outlets, and achieving effective exhibition promotion.


3. International advantages. Hongwei International Exhibition Group has cooperated with more than 1000 international and domestic institutions to fully internationalize the exhibition and involve domestic and foreign buyers, trade groups, and inspection teams in exhibition procurement.


4. Activity advantages. At the same time, the 14th Asian Landscape Expo 2023, the 14th Asian Flower Industry Expo 2023, the landscape architecture and ecological landscape design forum, the international flower arrangement show, the “2023 China Flower Shop+” conference, and the D-tip international flower art show were organized to exchange experience, discuss problems, expand contacts, and cooperate with each other on the stage to jointly promote the development of the industry.

Post time: Apr-10-2023